Tenants – Did you know?

In an area like Wisbech where demand for good quality rental properties is outstripping supply, Tenants need to act fast when they see a property they want.

However, we must warn Tenants regarding Application Charges which vary greatly in the Town depending on which Agent you use.

Black Cat is totally transparent about our Tenant Fees – £225 will the be total paid in fees for up to 2 people, every additional Tenant is charged £50 pp thereafter.  There are no additional check in/ check out fees and Full Colour Inventory’s are supplied at no additional charge to the Tenant.

So whilst we appreciate Tenants often apply for properties in hast so as not lose the property, we also advise they read the small print as most Agents are unable to refund the Application Charges once the process has started, as they incur costs themselves.  Likewise we know of Tenants who have tried to rent privately to avoid Agency fees and have regretted the lack of recourse this gives later during the Tenancy.

Black Cat is an Independent ARLA Licensed Agency with Client Money Protection which assures all Tenants of the highest standards whilst offering extremely competitive Agency charges.arla-licensed-150prs