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Don’t forget all our available properties can be found on Rightmove http://www.rightmove.co.uk/estate-agents/agent/Black-Cat-Residential-Property-Ltd/Wisbech-134462.html        

Tenants – Did you know?

In an area like Wisbech where demand for good quality rental properties is outstripping supply, Tenants need to act fast when they see a property they want. However, we must warn Tenants regarding Application Charges which vary greatly in the Town depending on which Agent you use. Black Cat is totally transparent about our Tenant […]

Who gets your vote?

With the General Election looming there have been discussions in the media regarding rent controls, caps and general tighter controls over the Private Rental Sector.  The Election is too close to call, so there are a number of outcomes which could affect the PRS and Landlords, both professional and reluctant. Other Countries have seen rent controls lead […]